Q1:我是寵物主人, 對 Carna4 有興趣, 請問有沒有 Caran4 產品試食裝可提供?

A1: 我們有一些試食裝分派給我們的合作零售商, 請與我們的零售商聯絡. 唯試食裝是送完即止的, 建議前往索取前先致電給他們,因為某些款的試食裝可能已 經送完, 提前詢問以免閣下白行一趟.

Q1: I am a pet owner and would like my pet to try Carna4. May I get the sample for trial?

A1: Yes, we have some sample packs for our lovely furry friends to try. Please contact our authorized partners to get the samples. We suggest you call before going to our partners’ shop to pick up because our samples are on a first-come-first-served basis. Thank you for your interest in Carna4.